Solve our customers’ toughest problems and support their most important missions.


Provide best-in-class service, outwork our competition, and invest in our people.

Our Why by Shane Reilly,
T3i President & CEO

During the last few years of my military career, my Command had a critical requirement for instructors to support our training pipelines. The SOF community was heavily engaged in the Global War on Terrorism, and we were facing serious manpower challenges. We needed quality support to fill critical gaps. However, the company contracted to provide that support fell short of fulfilling our requirements. This was an incredibly frustrating time and the experience ultimately led to the founding of T3i. I believed there were other individuals, like myself, willing to go above and beyond to provide our forces with the support they deserved and needed.

‍When we established T3i, the focus was on our customers’ missions, which remains true today. We sought out high-impact units making a difference in our country’s national security and began helping them solve their most challenging problems. This focus evolved into our philosophy of putting the mission first, our people next, and our company last, which has contributed to the success of many of our customers. We believe that when companies place their customers’ mission as their top priority, there’s no problem they can’t solve.

To support our mission-first philosophy, we implemented a structure to attract and retain top talent. The structure included employee ownership and annual profit-sharing. We provide many other benefits to our employees, but these are two of the most significant. When we bring new people into T3i, we’re not just hiring employees, we’re hiring owners who are committed to our customers’ mission success.